Everything you ever wanted to know about Kennet but were too afraid to ask...

Are you all mad?

No. But don't take our word for it:

"The Kennet Morris Men are not, it must be said, the most gifted dance troupe in the country. Nor are they the soberest."...

(The Daily Express, 7th May 1998)

...Then goes on to say something complimentary that we're far to modest to repeat here.

And all ages seem to like us

From the 3rd Reading Scouts:

I just wanted to say very many thanks again for coming to visit us the other evening.  We all agreed it was one of the most fun nights we’ve had at Scouts for quite a while, and I’ve been told it was the talk of the playground at Emmer Green the following day!

And the Charvil Village Society:

The organisers of the Charvil Seniors Afternoon Tea and Concert, have asked me to pass on their grateful thanks to the Kennet Morris men for a most enjoyable demonstration yesterday.The event has been going on over 20 years and never before have they had Morris entertainment. They said it was well-presented and executed, as well as colourful, informative, exciting and amusing.

What's the history of Morris dancing?

If you ask one Morris "expert" you'll get one story, if you ask another they'll tell you something completely different. All you ever wanted to know about the evolution of the Kennet Morris has been assembled in "Kennet Morris - A Foolish History" ... written by our Fool.  If you want a more general and certainly more serious version, check out the Morris Ring's website where you can find out about the European origins of Morris as well as its roots in English history before the Reformation.

Do you get paid for all this hanky-waving?

No, we do it for the sheer joy of seeing those pristine white handkerchiefs rising and falling in time to the old squeezebox, pipe and tabor. Any money we do receive - after covering running costs - we choose to make donations to local charities. In the past we have donated to The Royal Berkshire Hospital Children's Fund, Brookfields School, Reading Mayor’s Charity, Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance and many more.

Our Constitution

Even Morris Dancers need rules - and we have a written constitution we all follow Kennet's Constitution and Rules

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