The Kennet Archive

Here are some extracts of the many tours and season highlights.

  The Reading 60th Anniversary Day of Dance, July 2017

The Reading 500 Day of Dance, August 2013

Our Cyprus Tour, May 2008
 May Morning 2008 - Reading Post article and video
New Year's Day 2008 at the Calleva Arms
50th Anniversary celebrations, 2007
Dancing at the Calleva Arms, July 2006  
'Wedding of the Year', May 2006
Our Trafalgar 200 Tour, October 2005     
The Hartley Ale, June 2005
The Ferrette Tour, June 2004
Trafalgar Square, November 2nd 2003
Start of Season Tour, 2003
Highlights from our 2000 season
Our Kennet Canal Cruise, 2000
Highlights from our 1999 season

  40th anniversary 40 Pubs Tour, 1997

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